Lola and Tula were my grandmothers.

My grandmothers were beautiful, loving, daring and pillars of strength. Lola and Tula came from two very different places in Mexico. One North, the other South. Lola, with her darker skin, her hair coarse and white, an obvious trait of her indigenous Huichol ancestry, from the state of Nayarit. Tula, with a face like porcelain, a mother to children who freckled in the sun, more European, from the state of Sonora close to the American border. These women worked, were bread-winners, home owners and leaders among their family and community. They defied expectations. This site, in a small but meaningful way, serves to remember their spirit and being part of their legacy is an honor.


I've lived many places... Arizona, Spain, Ireland and New York, but it's California that's become my home. Creativity, travel and adventure is what has motivated me throughout my life. Spanish was my first language and I am first generation American, the proud daughter of two of the hardest working immigrants from Mexico. I play classical piano, have memorized an insane amount of pop songs, dance involuntarily throughout the day and make a mean Margarita. I'm the mother of two blonde, beautiful babies who inspire me constantly and exhaust me regularly.

I have worked with some of the most prestigious brands in Fashion, but have found greater rewards explaining to a first time customer, how an indigenous artist uses a back strap loom to make her dress. What started off as a passion to share what I loved about Mexico, with our first pair of huaraches sold to friends and family, has now grown into a shop offering an abundant collection of leather accessories and apparel.

LOLA Y TULA is a platform, a connection, a reminder and a mirror... for my children and my abuelitas, te quiero.