My entire life, I've adored the work of indigenous women in Mexico. I have seen first hand the dedication it takes to create a single piece of their artwork and I'm constantly impressed by their craftsmanship. The fact that nearly all apparel pieces in our shop are produced by co-ops of Oaxacan women gives us enormous pride. These women are now becoming breadwinners with their ability to produce for vendors such as myself. These women can then pay for their children to go to school while they work. There are programs we have supported that teach industrious women, how to finance their businesses and create networks of future business. When purchasing Lola y Tula products, each customer is investing in the opportunities for our artisan partners. It's a circle of benefit we are proud to be a part of.


We are what we make and what we make tells a story. Each precious piece tells the story of the hands who made them. With our brand we hope to champion these talents for generations to come. Investing in our artisans talents in order to ensure future generations also learn their regional craft. Your purchase has a purpose.


Our aim to remain sustainably made and locally sourced begins with our artisans, adopting the ancient methods already in use for generations. The majority of our collection is made entirely by hand. Minimal energy is used when producing our pieces. Our partners work in open air buildings, use hand made tools and dry products in sunshine.