Dreamy Bohemian Toddler Room Make-Over

Dreamy Bohemian Toddler Room Make-Over

As my belly gets bigger and bigger, it's a pretty solid reminder that it's time to prepare for baby number two! I am only a few weeks away from meeting this precious being, 6 to be exact, yowza! Planning the nursery for the new little sister or brother is proving to be easier and more fluid than the first (isn't everything slightly easier with the second?) Mainly, because we'll be using lots of the items Alejandra had in her room, which frees up fun ideas for a slightly more design centric toddler room! Besides the necessity of having to plan a new room for the baby, I feel it's also a good opportunity to lavish a little of the same excitement on the older sibling. A great exercise for everyone.


With all the bright, hand embroidered and textile heavy product our line carries in bold colors, it's no wonder we love the 'Bohemian Chic' look. Extending this to Alejandra's room would be perfect! I kept imaging the colors, whimsical patterns, artwork and style, and new it would totally capture the fun of toddler-hood and remain super stylish. With just a few slight adjustments her room came together beautifully, leaving behind a more plain and traditional baby nursery to a room that was highly imaginative, unique, with an eye on design from other worlds.

My big thing, especially if you know me is BALANCE. Always seeking balance, in the food I eat, in the way I live my life- all good things in moderation right? I approach most things this way, including the renovation and decoration of our new home. And when it comes to the Bohemian look, you can DEFINITELY go overboard.... the word 'cluttered' comes to mind:) But it doesn't have to be the case if you use a good amount of..... balance! If you go boho I say, make sure you pair the bold with a little neutral. We made sure the mix of pattern and texture in Alejandra's room had enough earth tones and neutrals that it grounds the livelier pieces. We have several things in light and dark wood that weave easily with the rainbow color palette. The statement pieces are true accents within this comfortably, soft room. As you can see from our pictures, we did not fail to improve- the result: gorgeous, fun, artful and perfect for a growing girl.


Using our Lola y Tula hand embroidered Otomi table cloth as a wall hanging here is perfection! Alejandra discovers new animals and flowers everyday. I imagine they help her dream up fun stories. The CB2 parlour chair in oatmeal works well as a neutral necessity for climbing and reading books. When paired with a gold Morrocan pouf instead of the matching ottoman. all of a sudden it becomes somthing more original and exotic. Our Otomi and San Andres pillows make excellent accessories.


We use our hand loomed blanket as a cover up for her crib mattress, colorful, all natural and washable. I also found this cute wooden rocking chair at the local flea market for ten bucks and when it's not being rocked in, works great for stacking and storing her hand stitched wool animals. The Otomi panels are amazing art pieces when framed, both in a nursery or toddler room!

At the end of the day, a perfect room is one that allows it's inhabitants to live, rest and thrive in comfort and beauty. Watching Alejandra play and grow among things that keep her in touch with her heritage is beautiful for me. For her, the transformation of her 'Toddler' room from a nursery room proved to be so much fun, and it was, for the whole family! She feels how unique her room is and perhaps just how special she is to us. 

1. Otomi panel framed, Lola y Tula | 2. Dwell Tangerine Stripe Rug | 3. San Andres Pink Textile Pillow, Lola y Tula | 4.Babyletto Hudson Crib | 5. Otomi Wall Tapestry, Lola y Tula | 6. CB2 Parlour Chair | 7. Hand Loomed Pink & Ivory Blanket w Otomi Pillow, Lola y Tula | 8. Morrocan Leather Pouf, One Kings Lane | 9. Hand Stitched Wool Animals, Lola y Tula



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