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by Gardenia Ramirez |  | 1 comment

In the world of interior design and home aesthetics, there are many umbrellas of style one can fall under. Today borders blend easily and our access to global trends can be instant, so there is no need to be loyal to any one style. So being free with our decor has never been so easy, experimental and fun!

As for our home in sunny LA, we play everywhere. One room can feel quite minimal while another is a layered, maximalist haven... all depending on our mood or time of year (or whether Mercury is in retrograde:) With our house being but a few minutes to Venice beach, you can smell the salt air in the backyard, so I feel our house has always wanted to retain a beachy, coastal-ness, regardless of the decor. I can definitely lean towards bright colors and fun patterns (thanks to that Mexican heritage,) where my husband enjoys clean lines and a cohesive look. However, underneath all decisions we make, there is an underlining style always present we both agree on. A global presence that adds texture and depth by mixing from different cultures and environments... bohemian & folk in feeling.

With that spirit in mind, my lovely and supremely talented friend INSIEME HOUSE has partnered with us to create a space where we can explore this theme, feeling and style with gorgeous visuals, we call it #BOHOFOLKDECOR. For this hashtag launch, Astrid took some of our signature LOLA Y TULA pieces and styled them in her amazing home. 

Collaborating with Insieme House was a no brainer. When my business began, she was one of the first designers I found and followed. Her sensibilities were in tune with mine and yet we came from such different places. We see this style through a west coast lens. Astrid on the other hand is clear across the country on the opposite coast. She's renovated her cabin cottage in New Hampshire into the kind of retreat most people dream of. An A-frame sanctuary nestled in a (mostly-snow covered) forest, complete with fire place, layers of lush rugs, plants, art, textured floor cushions- basically an impeccably designed space. Another interpretation of bohemian-folk. When she expressed interest in doing a mini photo shoot of our LOLA Y TULA OTOMOI LUMBAR & GEO TLAXCALA BLANKET in this space, we were beyond excited!

'Bohemian' is a loose term that encompasses much, but at it's core is unconventional and informal. True that. Without rules, comfortable and more casual than polished. When trying to define 'folk,' this term relates to traditions of art from a country, nation or community. So, now we're talking.... yes, this is definitely my wheel-house. If it's yours as well, come play, post and tag #BOHOFOLKDECOR with your pictures on instagram. We can't wait so see this page light up with inspiration we can all pull from.



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  • Astrid on April 14, 2017

    Gardenia, I am so incredibly excited about this! I had SUCH a fun time styling your gorgeous product in our home, you can’t even imagine. And I am so very humbled by your generous words…thank you, friend! I can’t wait to see how this develops!

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