We all have people we look up to, those we admire personally and professionally. Now imagine if that person invited you to be part of their work? WHAT????!!!! Exactly. That's what happened to me, last September when Justina Blakeney and The Jungalow team asked to photograph my home for her much anticipated second book, The New Bohemian Handbook.  Once we found out, I had my freak out, high-five, moon walking moment, which hasn't dissipated much thanks to this book finally being released this past October!

I first learned about Justina like most people, online. She's got mad skills when it comes to social media. I was instantly obsessed with her Instagram feed @thejungalow because.... well, have you seen it? All of a sudden, I began to spend crazy amounts of money buying plants, and began pulling out piles of textiles I had been collecting from Mexico and redecorated the house with a little more layered flare.  I was inspired. Not just by her carefree style and worldly influences, but by her. You could tell her work was her passion and I was motivated to really get serious about my own little business.


So, fast forward to three years later. My business is up and running, we're growing, thriving and Justina and her team did photograph our humble abode for their grand project! And what an awesome day that was! The day of the shoot, I did my best to make the house as spotless as ever, which meant I didn't stop moving and picking things up for 20 hours straight because I had two children under the age of four. I was just a tad bit excited. When Justina and her fab photographer Dabito came through they walked the floor and in 5 minutes had a game plan on what they were shooting. They swarmed like bees moving furniture, playing in our Lola y Tula inventory and of course getting lots of plants ready for their shot. We got the music up and running and they were off. Now, those two are fun to watch, working so fast, styling and shooting... what a duo!

Before wrapping up the day, Dabito took one last shot, a portrait of my family. Of all the shots taken that day, it's this picture that I absolutely adore. This quick snapshot of a time and place in my life, a perfect piece of happiness where all four of us sat for one quick moment to capture this special day.


The book is a must have for any #jungalow fan or aspiring decorator, of any level. A resource, thick with knowledge on all things bohemian. With so much to motivate and inspire, transforming your hum drum guest room or making your living room say a little more about who you are, won't seem like a difficult task, but instead a fun journey to discover. And remember what Justina says.... 'Decorate Wild!'



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