Now that summer is ending I wanted to revel in the fun we had at the beginning, when we kicked off the summer with our annual A Mano Market last May!

Molly Berry of Luna Zorro, Sarah Contrucchi-Smith of Marra Home and myself wanted to celebrate brands that bring together design and social impact. We knew others would value beautiful, hand made pieces that did more than just decorate a space but also contribute positively to that community. Being owners and founders of companies that work in Latin America directly with indigenous artists, giving back to the communities in which we work is an integral part of our business. So, we created a platform identifying several brands doing the same important work, showcasing collections that practice sustainability and responsibility.


This time around our show became a lovely outdoor marketplace, partnering with Big Red Sun in Venice. We invited brands and women we loved and admired, establishing a roster I'm so proud to have worked with: NOMAH PROJECT / SOKO / LOCAL AND LEJOS / MARRA HOME / LUNA ZORO and LOLA Y TULA. Each of these brands collaborate with artisans from all corners of the world in textiles, jewelry, leather makers and more. Each of these female leaders make more than just product, they make a positive impact while creating their collections-- and those contributions are worth celebrating! Getting together, even for a day with such creative women is inspiring, energizing and a ridiculous amount of fun! It's just what we all need, more sisters to lean on... when women get together, so much good can happen.

Sara Contrucchi-Smith, Sheeva Saifari, Gardenia Ramirez, Molly Berry, Linda Cassio and Jennifer Diaz


 Hand woven robes / @lunazorro                         Hand made baskets / @localandlejos

We were lucky to find a perfect partner with Liberty Magazine (@libertyforher) a podcast and publication of similar, strong female leaders in business. 

Erica Cordero, resident artist for LOLA Y TULA hand paints leather wallets and fans in typical Mexican typography for shoppers

Marra Home pillows & blankets 


We threw a little fiesta the night before the market, inviting women from our community, from all different walks of life to join us for an evening of talking, shopping, toasting and sharing. We made a collection of portraits to commemorate the event. Each of these women are leaders within their industry, each contributing to their communities and making an impact in their own way with their work. We are so proud to have hosted such a strong network of women and I'm thrilled to celebrate some of their bright and beautiful faces here with these pictures all shot by our friend Tiffany of @soliamoonphotography. Thank you to all those who came out, we look forward to inviting you to the next A Mano Market!

 WHITNEY LEIGH MORRIS / Tiny Canal Cottage @whitneyleighmorris.                    PRISCILLA VEGA / Publicity @pvega


LUCIA TRAN / Her Studio @luciatran                                                               LILY GLASS / Photographer @lilyglass


SARAH CONTRUCCI-SMITH / Owner + Founder @marra_home          MOLLY BERRY / Owner + Founder @lunazorro


SHEEVA SAIRAFI / Owner + Founder @localandlejos                       Linda Cassio / Owner + Founder @nomahproject

Stephanie Matthias / Radiant Woman Healing @radiantwoman                Meymuna Cattan / Tiyya @meymuna


Marisa Vitale / Photographer @marisavitalephoto                                     Erica Cordero / Artist @llemonzest

Hayley Feldman / Chez Tex  @hayley.feldman                               Kristiana Tarnuzzer  / Owner + Founder @thecausebar

Francesca McConchie / @lovelyfrancesca  @cakeofdreams            Nicki Sebastian / Photographer @nickisebastian

Natalie Myers / Interior Design @nataliemyers                                Jennifer Diaz / Creative Director @nomahproject

GARDENIA RAMIREZ / Owner + Founder @lolaytula                         Caroline Pinal / Co-founder @givebackhomes






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