Heart & Hustle is a campaign celebrating women with values, ideals and passions like mine. A company of women who may come from different industries and backgrounds, but who at their core, are cut from the same cloth.  A team of leaders striving to work with authenticity, a sense of responsibility and an infectious joy for what they do.

Women with all the heart and all the hustle....







WHO: Luisa Navarro, founder and creator of Mexico in My Pocket, a lifestyle brand and Brooklyn Retail Store : www.mexicoinmypocket.com

MISSION: To share the beauty of Mexico with the world. As a Mexican-American journalist, Luisa feels her true purpose in life is to help reshape the narrative of Mexico in the United States.

HOW IT STARTED: Mexico in My pocket initially started as an Instagram account where Luisa shared beautiful pictures of Mexico with the world. Five years later, it has grown into a travel blog, gift shop both online and brick and mortar in Brooklyn, New York, and a travel planning company.

HOW IT'S GOING: Luisa's dream is to create a platform that reaches enough people around the world so that they will start saying 'I'm planning a trip to Oaxaca" with the same enthusiasm they'd use for planning a trip to Paris. And while telling stories about Mexican culture is her passion, she recognizes that she can't do it alone, which is why Mexico in My Pocket will always be a platform built around community.



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